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New England Dental Anesthesia

Revolutionize Your Practice

Having a reliable and professional relationship with a dental anesthesiologist can revolutionize your practice into an advanced, full-service patient care center. Our group can help manage challenging patients safely and effectively in-house, and create a simple and effective plan for scheduling your dental patients. Our main priority is to provide a safe and comfortable patient experience.

Treating Adults and Pediatric Patients

We Bring the Equipment

As your partner, NEDA will bring our own state-of-the-art equipment to your practice, and assume full responsibility for maintaining, managing, and controlling all of our anesthesia-related equipment. All of our anesthesiologists participate in state-specific inspections for all mobile equipment, pharmaceuticals, and supplies.

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Why Choose NEDA?

Our objective is to bring standardization to the surgical-suite setting for our providers. This helps to eliminate variance and helps increase provider comfort while reducing overall patient risk.

Direct to Patient Billing

Simplify the workflow in your office with New England Dental Anesthesia. We gather all the necessary patient information in order to bill them directly for our services. Your office will not need to worry about patient invoices or follow-ups.

Full Service Operation

New England Dental Anesthesia provides comprehensive anesthesia services for dental offices and providers. We are fully equipped to deliver customized anesthetics for adult and pediatric patients. Our specialized training is in providing in-office anesthesia services – which allows us to bring hospital grade anesthesia services to the comfort of your dental office. We monitor the patient, and have emergency medical equipment equivalent to what is carried by EMS provided during every sedation procedure.

We Bring the Equipment

As a fully operational anesthesiology practice, New England Dental Anesthesia brings all of our own equipment and tools for each procedure. We arrive on-site at your office prepared with the anesthetics, supplies, tools, and our portable equipment that is in accordance with the American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA) guidelines.

We Handle all Medical Clearances

An important part of our patient intake process is to evaluate the patient’s medical history and relevant information in order to come up with a treatment plan. We address any specific health needs and medical conditions that may require specialty management, monitoring, or follow-ups. The customized anesthetic plan is designed to be safe and make the patient as comfortable as possible.

We Handle State Certifications

If your office isn’t ready for an anesthesiologist, NEDA’s professionals can come in, get your office set up in order to meet all state guidelines and requirements for providing anesthesiology services. This includes safety standards and compliance points.

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Years of Expertise

NEDA’s dentist anesthesiologists bring with them a deep understanding of the complexity that comes with each dental procedure, and how it has an impact on the various levels of sedation needed in order for your patient to have a safe and stress-free experience. Our services allow you the opportunity to practice dentistry and perform dental treatments without the worries that come with dental anesthetic and patient management.